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Calling all graduates!

Published on: 1 Jan 2021

• Company inductions are a perfect occasion to meet your peers and seniors within your business and gain a comprehensive overview. Remember to take notes, ask questions and absorb as much as you possibly can during this time. Now you are working "in the real world" you need to make sure you have a broad knowledge of the industry by keeping up-to-date on current business deals, local and international property markets, current affairs and how this could potentially affect the business. This will enhance your commercial awareness and ensure you are adept to converse with colleagues and senior managers around subjects of joint interest.

• Have a "can do" attitude to work. As a graduate you will need to prove yourself and give your manager plenty of opportunity to praise your achievements and strong work ethic.

• A handy tip is to set a Google Alert for your business as well as other companies of interest to you. Information will be delivered to your inbox daily without you having to search for it.

• When you meet new people, keep a little black book of names, job titles and company information so it will be easier to associate this person next time you meet them.

• Make an effort to join social events after work. It is a great way to meet your colleagues and quickly form good working relationships.

• Meet with your line manager as soon as possible to set your objectives. Ensure you have personal objectives you would like to achieve and think about how you will achieve them prior to your meeting.

By Shan Nelson.