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EG Future Leaders: Fresh Thinking for a Brighter Future

Published on: 17 Jul 2023

EG Future Leaders

The EG Future Leaders programme is about more than just empowering the next generation within the property industry. It’s a push to move the industry forward, to inspire generations, those to come and those already within the industry, and most importantly to get them to speak up and speak out about the role real estate has to play in so many aspects of our lives and how we can all deliver change in the industry.

With that said, EG editor Samantha McClary sat down with Isabelle Walters from Savills, Callum Wyatt from CBRE and Priscilla Idowu from HB Reavis recently, three of the latest Future Leaders on the EG Property Podcast. They all discussed not just the build up to their 10 minute TED style presentations at EG’s summit last November, but also what they’re passionate about and why others should be leaning in, listening and taking action as a result.

What’s motivating our Future Leaders?

The property and real estate industry is so vast and diverse. The industry has so much ability to affect change, both at a macro and micro level, and hearing what motivates the newest generation within the industry is such an optimal way to get a different view on what that change could and should be. Isabelle says that change has to come in the form of shifting the mindset around design and property, looking at elements that some currently deem “needs” and turning them into “wants”. For example, Isabella explains that inclusivity and accessibility features like ramps or unisex toilets should be things we want to have, they should be comfortable and fully usable and not just adapted or built out of necessity. For Callum it’s all about getting real estate and apprenticeship schemes spoken about at school level, getting buy-in not just from the organisations and businesses but actually the education system too. He says support from schools at a time when a lot of young people don’t know what they want to do could make a real difference in getting people into the industry, across all facets of it, and really opening their mind and sparking ideas as to their career options. Similarly, Priscilla notes that for her it’s the education around all those different facets of the property and real estate industry, that it’s not just construction but operations, finance, HR, that need to be spoken about as well.

What are the key takeaways of the programme so far?

The EG Future Leaders programme is designed to give each cohort the tools and confidence they need to tell their impactful stories at the Summit but also to succeed in their careers, be it through “dressing for success” sessions or presentation and public speaking skills. The biggest help and takeaway so far for Priscilla was the ability to encourage others, as well as to press the issues and get others to have those difficult conversations that they might not want to indulge in. For Isabelle, it was showing others anything is possible. She was as confident with public speaking, but the sessions were already preparing her, and importantly helping her enjoy it too, which for her proved if she could, anyone could.

Listen to the full podcast and hear Samantha talk to Isabelle, Callum and Priscilla in more detail about their backgrounds, the EG Future Leaders programme and the lead-in to their Summit talk, as well as why it's important a range of industry professionals must take note and take action.