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Advice to Women in Real Estate

Published on: 28 Mar 2021

At Cobalt Recruitment we speak to employers and industry professionals about their career moves every day. From our recent Women in Real Estate survey, the results show that that the industry is improving with more employers offering initiatives for women in the work place but women want more support from their employers.



We are also seeing a rising number of females employed in a wider variety ofroles than before, including investment and other transactional roles, asset and fund management and fund raising, which is encouraging. A lot of our clients acknowledge that there is disparity in the market between male and females and that this needs to change. However, they also say that it is down to the individual to work hard and to express the desire to be progress and be promoted.


Below are our top 3 tips on helping you to progress:

  • You don’t ask, you don’t get

From our experience, we see too many individuals waiting for their employer to notice their efforts and promote them. In fact, in the last 12 months, 68% of survey respondents had not directly negotiated a salary increase with their employers. Ask yourself how proactive you are being with your career development. Maybe now is the time to have an upfront discussion with your manager about their expectations surrounding your next promotion or pay review.  

  • Be open minded with applications
    Whilst employers provide a job specification hoping to fulfil 100% of the requirements, there is rarely a perfect fit purely based on technical competencies. A huge part of the decision making process for hiring managers comes down to team fit and personality. Therefore, be confident in your ability and don’t limit your applications to roles where you think you are a perfect fit. Consider your transferable skills and be flexible and open to positions where you have the scope to learn and develop into the role.
  • Access training and support where you can

Find out what your current employer has to offer in terms of training and support. If you are lucky enough to be able to tap into any internal initiatives within your company, make the most of it! From negotiation, assertiveness, management or leadership training programmes to mentoring schemes – ask yourself what have you done in the last six months to develop your career? If your employer does not offer much internally look externally. It is the proactive individuals we meet that succeed.

For more details on the Women in Real Estate Survey, visit the Cobalt Recruitment website.