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Property... just the job.

Written by: Damian Wild, editor, Estates Gazette
Published on: 18 Jul 2016

WIPG - Intro Header

WIPG - DamienThe next couple of years may look a little less certain from a political, economic and social perspective, but make no mistake: property will continue to offer some of the most interesting career opportunities around.

The ability to create places, build valuable companies, change lives, strike out entrepreneurially, offer transformational advice and see and touch your achievements along the way are perhaps unmatched in other walks of corporate life.

And the need for talent, application and initiative to make it all happen is undimmed.

We may live in interesting times – and our crystal balls may be somewhat cloudier than they were just a few short weeks ago – but at times like this in property more doors open than close for those who have most to add.

Don’t forget that the current crop of industry leaders forged their careers in challenging times. They took on responsibility early and made the most of the opportunities that came their way. And they are reaping the rewards today.

This Estates Gazette guide to working in property is packed with lessons for employers and employees alike. We talk to some of those industry leaders about how they reached the top. We look at what our Rising Stars are up to today. We examine some of the hardest-to-fill roles in the business. We set out where you can find the best networking opportunities. And we ask how those employers with the very best reputations are able to stand out from the crowd.

Will this industry, its talent and its clients continue to change? Will professional lives grow ever more demanding? And will employers and employees alike continue to demand more from each other?

Unequivocally yes. But wasn’t it ever thus?

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