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Sample Covering Letter

Published on: 13 Apr 2022

21, Bunny Warrens
East Sussex

Ms J. Potts
HR Manager
Great Plains Widgets
Martles Heath
B20 400

Dear Ms Potts,
I am writing to apply for the advertised post of Commercial Research Manager and enclose my CV in support of my application. Great Plains was in the news recently for expanding its research and production into China and this is a further reason for my interest in your company: I am an advocate of dual-nation research programmes and have been learning Mandarin in my spare time.

Your advertisement specifies a candidate who brings strong leadership and business acumen, as well as proven research skills. I have accumulated valuable experience of managing departmental budget and liaising with stakeholders of research programmes. These responsibilities have included presenting to the board and investors to help secure the next round of funding for programmes.

Having honed my research skills and helped manage programmes for my current employer, I’m ready for the next career move and am keen to develop my skills in a global business. I believe I would bring the desired combination of research excellence and commercial awareness that you seek.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the role and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Marion Holmes