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Salary Guide

Published on: 12 Sep 2016

    Salary Guide

    Welcome to the TDM salary guide, specific to the property industry – covering all roles, cradle to grave.

    Without a doubt one of the most commonly asked questions we get asked at TDM, and I’m sure this resonates for all those in recruitment, is about salary bandings. Whether it be a client querying what they should pay a candidate or a candidate asking about reasonable salary expectations – the question is frequent.

    There are of course, many variables which shape what a salary could be, it’s by no means a one fits all answer. Here are just some of the variables that are considered when matching a job role to a salary in the property & construction market:




    Years’ experience in the industry

    Job title

    Reputation of the company


    Project(s) being worked on - complexity and value.


    Projects they have worked on


    What they pay others in similar roles within the company.

    Previous salary and expectations

    Size of team being led.

    Developer versus Contractor. Developers can tend to bolster out their salaries with much larger bonuses as their profit margins are much higher.

    Number of suitable candidates in the market.


    The talent pool available within the business (may be open to paying more if they lack people with certain skills / backgrounds in the business).

    And of course these are just the initial factors that are taken into account, once interviews take place there are expectations to be managed, bonus structures to be discussed and career progression to be considered. The process is individual to each job, each client and each candidate.

    To be able to give salary guidance it is imperative recruiters know their markets, the current trends and depth of the candidate pool. TDM have industry specific recruiters who are experts in their markets, they are constantly identifying the current and future industry leaders and trends.

    We have a database of over 20,000 contacts who work within the property industry who our consultants are in regular contact with, ensuring we have an up to date database, allowing us to connect clients and candidates quickly and efficiently.

    The database, combined with the extensive knowledge of the consultants at TDM, has formed the data you see in the salary survey, providing information based on real offers and placements.

    Salary Guide Infographic

    Taking the variables in to consideration we have split our results into the lowest, highest and average salaries we pay for specific job titles. The average has been based on the number of placements made around this given figure along with the input of expertise from the consultant that deals with these specific job titles day in, day out.

    “The process is individual to each job, each client and each candidate.”

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