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  • Starting Out in Real Estate: a free guide from EG

    • 29 Sep 2023
    • EG

    In this free digital magazine from EG, real estate leaders and rising stars share their experience and insights alongside expert advice and resources from professional trainers.

  • Where to start when researching for an interview

    • 10 Aug 2023

    When going for a job interview, be it at a real estate agency or another business in the property industry, making sure you are prepared is crucial. What research you do will help determine your preparedness and ultimately your success. So, we’ve outlined some tips on where you can start when doing your research.

  • Get noticed with the best LinkedIn summary on the market

    • 3 Aug 2023

    LinkedIn is vital in connecting people in the property industry, making it easy for real estate professionals to build their networks. That’s why it’s so important you keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, and make it stand out from others. Here we look at the LinkedIn summary section, with a few tips on how to write it so you get noticed.

  • 3 standout benefits of undertaking a placement year

    • 24 Jul 2023

    If you’re considering a career in the real estate industry, a placement year can be really helpful. Here’s three of the biggest benefits you’ll experience if you decide to take up a placement year in real estate, from better employability through to networking and mentoring.

  • EG Future Leaders: Fresh Thinking for a Brighter Future

    • 17 Jul 2023

    The EG Future Leaders programme wants to empower the next generation within the real estate industry, inspire generations in a bid to move the industry forward. Hear from three of EG’s Future Leaders on the EG Property Podcast as they discuss their passions and why others should be listening and taking action.

  • Five questions you should ask in an interview

    • 10 Jul 2023

    Whether in real estate or any other profession, there comes a time in every job interview when the candidate will be asked if they have any questions. Knowing what to ask can be crucial in getting a clear picture of the role and the property company. We’ve outlined a few themes for questions you could ask in your next real estate job interview.

  • How to create a cover letter for a job in commercial real estate

    • 15 Jun 2023

    Cover letters give interviewers (and your potential future employer) a lot of insight. It showcases who you are and what you can offer, more than just your work experience listed in your CV. We’ve outlined some tips on how you can create a stand-out cover letter for when you’re applying for a job in the commercial real estate industry.

  • The STAR Interview Technique - How to Use it

    • 15 Jun 2023

    Job interviews are daunting enough, especially given you don’t know what questions will be asked of you. The STAR interview technique can help. Understand what it is, and get tips on how you can use it as you prepare for your next real estate interview.

  • 3 ways to accelerate your career in commercial property

    • 15 Jun 2023

    Want to get ahead in commercial real estate? Here’s our tips on what you can do to accelerate your career and ultimately gain long-term success in the property industry.

  • 5 tips for Graduate success from Crest Nicholson

    • 5 Nov 2022

    Crest Nicholson provide Graduates with 5 insightful tips for success. View a case study and testimonials of their Graduate Scheme for aspiring property professionals.

  • How to get ahead in commercial property

    • 18 Aug 2022
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Talented candidates are in demand, as the commercial property sector makes the most of the healthy climate. Stephanie Sparrow offers advice on winning your dream job.

  • Be the best: how to set yourself apart from other candidates and secure the surveying job you deserve

    • 10 Jul 2022
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Has there ever been a better time to apply for a role in surveying? Quantity, valuation and building surveyors are in demand as companies clawback the talent they were forced to lose during the recession.

  • Property Management Special

    • 20 May 2022

    Prompted by the recession, the role of the property manager has evolved to encompass a wider range of specialities, technological tools and an increased focus on relationship management, writes Ellen Gylen

  • When interviews get tricky: how to handle difficult questions

    • 19 Jan 2022
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    From curveballs to competency-based questions, an interview in commercial property can be challenging. Stephanie Sparrow offers advice...

  • How to write a CV for roles in commercial property

    • 4 Dec 2021
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    A well-written CV will distinguish you from other candidates. It shows what you can do, and what makes ‘brand you’ more suitable for the role than your competitors. Stephanie Sparrow explores what makes a good CV in the commercial property market.

  • EG Property Podcasts

    • 5 Nov 2021

    Bringing together industry headlines, data, and the latest trends in the CRE market.

  • COP this now or it will be too late

    • 3 Nov 2021
    • Paul Collins

    Paul Collins explores some of the thoughts, information and provocations around climate change

  • Top tips on preparing for an interview in commercial property

    • 30 Oct 2021
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Top tips from recruiters within the property market about how to prepare yourself for an interview for a position within commercial property.

  • Helpful advice for graduates

    • 2 Oct 2021

    Graduates! Follow this link to read a collection of helpful content – top tips to help you progress your commercial property career.

  • How to negotiate a pay rise within commercial property

    • 22 Sep 2021
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Stephanie Sparrow has five top tips for stating your case...