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  • The power of fan mail

    • 18 Jul 2016
    • Dan Ward

    Looking to accelerate your career? US-based author Dan Ward explains why you should never be afraid to contact those in the industry you most admire – it may open doors...

  • Walk this way and embrace the new

    • 18 Jul 2016
    • Dan Ward

    In this extract from one of his most popular articles for Estates Gazette, Dan Ward explains why working with unfamiliar teams could take your career in an unexpected direction...

  • Join the club

    • 18 Jul 2016

    Whether you’re sporty, clubby, a dedicated fundraiser or fancy something a bit different, there’s a networking platform for you...

  • Top of the tree

    • 18 Jul 2016

    Estates Gazette has pulled together the most authoritative research around to reveal the best-regarded property businesses. Who do employees rate? Which has the best brand? And which agents deliver exceptional fee earning opportunities?

  • Who's putting on the pounds?

    • 18 Jul 2016
    • Emily Wright

    Money talks, but certain sectors, organisations and regions are louder than others. Emily Wright looks at the headline figures from EG’s most recent survey...

  • Final call for boarding

    • 18 Jul 2016
    • Tim Hartley, Head of Odgers Berndtson's UK Real Estate Practice

    Looking to make it to the top? Follow these simple rules to ensure you are boardroom ready...

  • Working In Property Guide

    • 1 Jun 2016

    Take part in our Working In Property Guide 2016.

  • How to get into Property Management

    • 17 May 2016
    • Judith Portman

    Do you know how to fully make it within Property Management? Never fear, inside this article we provide you with all of the knowledge you need to make a career within this sector...

  • Be part of the biggest land assembly and acquisition programme in living memory

    • 10 May 2016

    High Speed Two (HS2) is unlocking the potential of our cities - and unmissable opportunities for land assembly and property acquisition professionals.

  • Technical roles in Surveying; how varied are they?

    • 10 May 2016
    • Judith Portman

    Technical surveying roles span the breadth of the property market, but how varied are they really? Within this article we look to explore just that...

  • Rising to the challenge: the best way to find your perfect Building Surveying role.

    • 26 Apr 2016
    • Judith Portman

    Information about beating the challenges within the Building Surveying sector so that you can find your perfect role.

  • Considering becoming a Senior Acquisition/Development Surveyor? How to acquire your dream job

    • 8 Dec 2015
    • Judith Portman

    There will be a time in your working life when you have achieved as much as you can in your current position and you want to progress further, but there are no suitable positions in your current firm. Downing are providing you with their insight into the best way to land your dream Senior Acquisition/Development Surveyor job…

  • Free CV Review Service

    • 6 Sep 2022

    The Fuller CV provide compelling career help, including professional CV writing for your future success. We've teamed up with them to offer you a free CV review to help you conduct a more successful job search.

  • Positive thinking: top tips for overcoming self-doubt

    • 15 Jun 2022

    When it comes to job interviews, not everyone is imbued with natural self-confidence but, never fear, it's a quality that can be learned. Ellen Gylen explains how.

  • What to take to an interview

    • 23 May 2022

    Read our guide giving ideas for best practice on what to take to an interview and how to ensure you turn up prepared.

  • Sample CV

    • 23 May 2022

    Read through our sample CV to get a good idea on how best to structure your CV, as well as what content to include.

  • Use social-media to enhance your job search

    • 14 May 2022

    Companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing social media and many use it to scout for - and hire – new employees. Read the low-down on three, must-have channels for job hunters.

  • How To Prepare For An Interview

    • 12 May 2022
    • John Eccleston

    There can’t be many people who enjoy job interviews. They can be stressful situations, made worse by the fact you have to perform well in order to get the job you want. Find out some useful tips for preparing and partaking in interviews.

  • Sample Covering Letter

    • 13 Apr 2022

    Read our sample covering letter to get a good idea on whatthe best format is, what content you should be including and how you should put yourself across to prospective employers.

  • How to conduct an effective job search

    • 23 Mar 2022

    The proliferation of online media means there are now multiple places to search for a job, and candidates can cast their net very wide indeed. With this variety also comes the danger of spreading yourself too thin. Use our guide to carry out your job search effectively.