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  • Going Global: Katie Mansfield - The lady leading the way for Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Occupier Services

    • 1 Feb 2017

    Katie Mansfield: The Lady Leading the Way for Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Occupier Services

  • Attracting Talent!

    • 25 Jan 2017

    As many of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects get given the green light, Dalcour Maclaren Director, Andrew Barker, shares part of the strategy for attracting top talent into surveying.

  • Jaspar
  • Freelancing in property & construction – the pros and cons

    • 1 Aug 2016

    The number of Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and, increasingly, Design and Technical Managers moving into freelancing is rising fast, this is a phenomenon being seen across many industries, but even more so in this project-based industry. Various economic factors have contributed to the rise in the number of contract vacancies, making freelancing a major current trend in construction staffing.

  • Technical roles in Surveying; how varied are they?

    • 10 May 2016
    • Judith Portman

    Technical surveying roles span the breadth of the property market, but how varied are they really? Within this article we look to explore just that...

  • Rising to the challenge: the best way to find your perfect Building Surveying role.

    • 26 Apr 2016
    • Judith Portman

    Information about beating the challenges within the Building Surveying sector so that you can find your perfect role.

  • Considering becoming a Senior Acquisition/Development Surveyor? How to acquire your dream job

    • 8 Dec 2015
    • Judith Portman

    There will be a time in your working life when you have achieved as much as you can in your current position and you want to progress further, but there are no suitable positions in your current firm. Downing are providing you with their insight into the best way to land your dream Senior Acquisition/Development Surveyor job…

  • Dalcour Maclaren

    • 6 Mar 2017

    Nicola Putt, Dalcour Maclaren HR Director, talks about how we became the only chartered surveyors to be on the Sunday Times Top 100 List”